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TieSports Wallet is a virtual wallet that allows you to do payments directly from the APP. Pay for field reservations, classes or monthly fees directly from your mobile phone. This feature is a huge benefit in helping to make less use of cash or cards in payments.

Thinking about this new reality, we launched this new feature so that the exchanging of money and cards would decrease, thus having less contact between employees and customers.

We help preparing you for the new future!

We offer clubs very attractive rates and in addition we give you the ability to directly promote Vouchers and Consumer Cards through the same system. Book now with our team and get ready for the future.

Send us a message to the e-mail and wait for our team to message you back.
The Tiesports software will assure you the best system for the resumption and growth of your business. Book our interactive kiosk now!

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This system allows you to pay all expenses through the APP and directly integrates ATM and MBWay payments.

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