Tietennis and Tiepadel Software

A web page for your Club

Increase your Club's visibility through a site promoted through Tietennis


Organize your entire team. Have all your clients receive the class markings on their calendars.


An advanced game set-a-match system, allowing the Club and even the Player to organize matches in available reserve slots.


Nowadays it is essential that all your customers and visitors access your club from any platform.

Online Bookings

Promote court bookings, without paying fees or commissions. The Tietennis allows you to benefit from this service at zero cost.


Organize all the schedules and work plans of your team. They receive information on the personal agenda and can even manage their own availability.

For Clubs

This Software is totally designed for Clubs like yours. Everything is thought to support your management.

News Generator

The way the universes are structured on the network allows you to automatically generate news of events, tournaments and even the results of your players.

Full Management

This Software includes your customers' current account management tools, revenue analysis, and operations for your academy.

Player Sheets and Profiles

Tietennis has a complete card with all the formal and competitive aspects of its players.

Global Network

Thousands of players from around the world are registered on this platform. They will find your club and its players with ease.


This Software includes a specific module ofor planning the classes and managing their periods

Tournaments and Social Events

A specific module of training plans and evaluation mechanism that works totally online.

Official Rules

All official rules of evidence have been considered. From the simplest to the most complex.

Live Scores

Through a specific App make the monitoring of the games to be broadcast online in real time.

Rankings and Ladders

This Software includes Automatic Rankings and Ladder Tournaments. Organize your club's competitive hierarchy and increase the competitive spirit among players.

Universal Network

Remember that Tietennis is not limited to your club, region or country. There are thousands of players registered and they can all one day visit your club.

GDPR Module

With this Module you can manage lists of consents already granted and / or refused in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.