Tie Coach

This app is part of the Tiesports management software and was
specially designed for you, who are coach.

You can work on it individually or connected to a club.

Tie Coach is a mobile application where the coach has complete control of his classes and his students.

Within Tie Coach platform, coaches has access to the Performance program, a Player development System which increases players motivation.

All communication between the player and the coach can be made through the application.



Complete working schedules with many features


All actions on classes can be done here: List of classes, number of participants, attendance control, and more ...

Court Managemant

The coach himself manages the courts where he works, in addiction to organize matches and training directly

Player's Final Evaluation

The coach does the evaluation in real time

Coach's website

In the Tie Coach app membership you have the option of choosing the app + coach website, where you can customize your coach information, photos and prices of your classes.

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