Tie Player

The Tie Player app brings together all the features so that the player can control his activities: training, evaluations, rankings, online tournaments registrations, courts, games, and much more ...

Players have access to the community
and all it’s activity

- Connect with friends, frequent
or occasional opponents

- View news and posts from your club

- Share posts with friends

- Share your own messages

- Send messages to friends

- Interact with coaches

-Parents control regarding tennis lessons
attendance and messages

- Possibility to evaluate other players

- Possibility of studying performances

The player's schedule is also available
in the application to facilitate all actions
with the coach and club.

- List and schedule of events and classes

- Booking inquiries

- Direct communication between player and club

- Notifications on tournaments, classes and matches

- Attendance control of classes

- Direct reschedule of classes

More features

Acess to the community

Player's haves acess to the community
and all it's activity


Is available in the app to facilitate
all actions with the coach and club

Online booking courts

Booking courts in your club has
never been easier for a player. In a few
clicks the reservation is made.

Set map zones to play
and invite friends

The player can create his own matches
and send invitations to players and friends.

Acess to tournaments
and results

The player has an easier way to access tournaments as well as compare their
results with other players

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You can now have your own website, customized by you! You can introduce your data, share your information, make your own tournament news posts, photos and videos, share your tournament wins and even introduce your next tournaments.

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How to subscribe to your website
1. Log in to Tietennis.com or Tiepadel.com
2. Go to your Dashboard.
3. Click on the message saying, "We have something new for you!"