Management Software

Post your tournament tables online

Give players, coaches and the public access
to schedules and results 24 hours a day.



- Webpage of the Tournament (powered by;

- Content management: Tournament Covers, Logos and Sponsors;

- A domain can be added (i.e.;

- Responsive web pages for optimal viewing on PCʼs, tablets and smartphones;

- Draws up to 128 players: Singles / Doubles / Teams;

- Elimination draws or Round Robin groups;

- Automatic distribution of seeded players according to official rules;

- Assignment of Wildcards, Qualifiers, Special Exempt and Lucky Losers;

- Random distribution of players according to official rules;

- Replacement of injured players with the designation of Lucky Losers (LL);

- Online registration of Singles, Doubles or Teams;

- Online payments - Credit Card, Paypal or ATM;

- Integration with certified AT Invoice (with SAFT);

- Direct sharing of games and results on social networks;

- Tournament structure with sections and subsections;

- Players transfer operations between sections (Copy / Move);

- Automatic players transfers rules (Groups for draw / Draw for draw / Group for group);

- Full configurable Registry List (Direct Entries, Qualifiers, Alternates)

- Automatic ranking update according to eliminatory or position in the board;

- Easy to edit results according to match format.

- Special results options: Defaulted, Walkover, Retired;

- Rain-Delay function with countdown and new order game announcement;

- Deadlines per round / stage;

- Notify players automatically as they are available to play subsequent rounds;

- Print / PDFs of tables and list of matches;

- Club presentation, Federation license and others in draw;

- Drag-and-Drop game organizer with easy distribution;

- Choice of courts are used in the tournament;

- Alert of simultaneous occupation of courts with reception of the club (when applicable);

- Generation of news and game notice in the draw of each game to be announced;

- Generation of news for each recorded result;

- Multi-Tie and Multi-Rubber in team Tournament formats;

- Submission of players online by Team Captain;

- Promoter of the event (with Club profile, Corporation, Association or Federation);

- Place of Tournament (with Club profile);

- Tournament poster choice (1200x627px for cover);

- Tournament wallpaper choice (1200x900px for back-cover);

- Sponsors choice (images with transparent background 200x100px for over-cover);

- Appointment of administrator and referee accesses;

- Sport choice (Tennis, Padel, Badminton, Squash, Table tennis or Beach Tennis);

- Court surface;

- Prize Money choice;

- Possibility to use courts from another location / club;

- Possibility of sharing on the local, regional and national Tietennis network;

- Upload PDF Fact Sheet for download on Tournament page;

- Presentation of the Tournament in the Tietennis portals of Clubs, Associations and Federations;

- Internal Testing Tool

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