Professional Player Website

Now, you can have a professional player website where you can customize and post all your information, make your own news, share results, photos and videos from your tournaments and games.

How to subscribe your website

  1. Log in to or
  2. Go to your Dashboard
  3. You will see a message saying: 'We have something new for you!'
  4. Click on the message and go to the page setup area
  5. Choose your desired subscription
  6. Proceed with payment
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1. You can put information about yourself

You can have all your player information on your website. What is your club, how many games have you won, who is your coach, whatever you want to put about yourself.

2. Latest News

Put your posts, announce your tournaments and games and you can view them in chronological, annual and monthly order.

3. Share your results

Share your results in tournaments as well as social games. This site will automatically retrieve the information of the tournaments in which you participate.

4. Share photos and videos

You can also upload photos and videos to your website better.